US casino online – the funny facts about US gambling

The Gaming Association of the United States published the results of a sociological study of the national gambling preferences. The study is the relationship between gambling habits of U.S. citizens and their income, age, education, etc. For the first time on a national scale they attempted to draw a portrait of a typical U.S. gambler and to characterize his style of life. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to casinospel top 10 now is the time to start playing and winning!

The us casino online experts asked the survey participants rather provocative questions regarding their investments, personal life, online gambling preferences, meal habits, etc. According to many US gambling experts, the published statistics completely changed the concept of gaming industry in the U.S. It was found that in 2002 more than 50 million adult Americans made 300 million visits to the casinos of this country, 26% of the total adult population (51.2 million) at least once played in a US casino. On average, the players visited the casino about once every two months. More than one-third of all the visits to the casino were recorded in five key states: California (17%), followed by Illinois, Nevada, New York and Michigan.

The main characteristics of a typical US gambler
The experts found that the average income of this population is 20% above the average income in the whole country and is 50 716 $. Americans with high annual income spent more time at casino than the other group of players. 34% of people with the income above $ 95 000 play at the casino. A typical casino player is middle-aged woman. The average age of the player is 47 years. The largest percentage of players (30%) belongs to the age group from 51 to 65 years. 46% of players are the so-called "white collar", ie have a clean job: as a rule, they are clerks.

The lesson learned from the online casino legislation in the US is that governments often protect the interests of established land based gambling outlets who prefer gamblers to play casino gameswithin their walls and not on the internet.

The lifestyle of a US gambler

The survey analysts found that casino players are more active, mobile and prone to risk. More than half - 51% - of all the players play at real or online gambling establishment at least 2 times a week. In addition, casino players travel more, have various picnics, go hiking, visit the resorts and explore new territories for the rest. As it turned out, not playing U.S. residents have less recreation and entertainment. The most popular time for vacations of the playing Americans is 5 days + road. Despite the fact that the players do not consider money when it comes to holiday or buying a new car, they are more selective than others. Players prefer to go shopping in the most profitable stores and buy goods with the ideal value for money. Most players enjoy coupons, discount cards, and prefer to buy in bulk.