Baccarat online – the US baccarat facts!

Baccarat online is not that popular as such famous widespread games like poker, roulette and slots but it also has its audience in the USA. The name of this card is derived from the Italian word “zero”, so do not be surprised if you find this name of the game somewhere where online baccarat is offered. This word is also used when the points of someone’s cards are added to zero. To play baccarat online one needs to learn baccarat rules. Each round the player and the dealer get a set of cards. The winner is the one who is ultimately the closest to nine. Luck with google play guthaben online can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks!

Baccarat has a European origin and it is transmitted from generation to generation. Today, online casinos offer two versions of the game. The big table baccarat is the traditional version of the game. It involves 14 players simultaneously. Most often, one such table is located in a separate room, and the game is played for on much money. The dealer is dressed in tuxedos – as it should be. Sometimes a table has two officers, and the players have the opportunity to have a snack during breaks.

According to the rules of the large table game, cards are dealt from the shoe at a time to each player. The game also involves an additional dealer, whose duties are to include the announcement of the current account. Sometimes the game involves additional cards. The players have the opportunity to watch their cards before they see the others. The player who has the highest rate in the “player” field gets the first two cards from the “player” field while the dealer has the right to learn the first two cards from the “banker” field. The table also has two additional dealers that must keep track of payments, purchasing, commissions, etc. Each of these two dealers is responsible for his half of the table.

The small table games are completely different. To begin with, they are located in the main hall of the casino. Further, the number of participants in the game is from 7 to 9. In addition, there is only one dealer in the game. He shuffles, deals, decides when to require additional cards, as well as he is responsible for payment, purchase, commissions and more. Players may not touch the card dealt, and the right to open the first two cards from the “player” and “banker” fields remains with the dealer. It would seem that the game is the same, but the differences are significant. Why is this happening? First, it’s all done to improve the speed of the game. For the same reason, the cards are shuffled after each move.