US casino reviews – Grand casino!

Our website is dedicated to the US gambling. That’s why we offer various US casino reviews. This article will be dedicated to Grand casino review.

One can play at Grand casino for real money or for fun. Play for fun makes it possible to get acquainted with games and online casinos in general. The Grand Casino minimum bet is only 1 cent! Original design, favorite games – all these features are created for you at one of the best casinos for US players – Grand Casino!

In fact, Grand Casino is really a nice site that gives a sense of the game in the beginning. There are settings for the user, where you can enable or disable sound effects, or turn on the radio instead of the proposed jazz. You can also download a computer version of the casino, where you download the installer first and it drains to the main casino game server up to 80 MB. If you want to play for money outside the home, the developers also offer mobile versions of some games, mostly all of them are slots. And there’s a forum where you can ask all your questions.

The website looks more like a game: the interior design casino tables for roulette, poker and slots. If you hover the mouse on the poker the invisible poker dealer begins dealing the cards, when you hover on the slots they immediately begin giving the winnings to the invisible players. And if the user does not understand how to click and get a game there is a menu with buttons to select the desired game on the bottom of the screen. In general, design is made deliberately – no extra walks across the screen in search of where to poke. Every thing is built very compactly. The rules of every game are provided in the game.

As for honesty and reliability Grand Casino is the one you can feel safe at. It has a special control of honesty. It means that you download the encrypted file. After playing a certain number of spins of a series of games, you can request a password to the file, and then you can verify if the casino played honestly or not. The casino also offers a chat – a hot line that only works during the day that makes a real disadvantage for the player. But many consider that this fact is the only con of Grand casino as it is the most wonderful casino for the Americans.